如果你想找一些很棒的例子 Family Law Websites美狮贵宾会会掩护你的. We looked all around the internet for the best examples of family law web design, 美狮贵宾会整理了一份前40名的名单.

1. Charles Willmott

Why it works: Clean refreshing design with a soft blue tone for an extra layer of calmness. 在上面,你会看到一个清晰的电话号码. 成功的证明是显而易见的徽章和奖状.

family law website


2. Vogel Verjee

为什么有效:一个非常大胆的设计,带有强烈的图像和粗体字. The no-scroll layout is a pretty strong statement of their authority in the industry.


family law websites

3. Stanchieri Family Law

Why it works: This family law website has a high-contrast design that encourages more interest. 该网站干净,设计良好,内容很少.

family law sites


4. Arami Law

Why it works: This website has a very simple layout but does an excellent job of organizing its information and visuals. 清晰的电话号码在上面. 不需要滚动太久才能进入联系人表单.


5. Denver Family Lawyers

Why it works: The excellent hero section distinguishes the company’s site from the competition. The website is simply fantastic due to a beautiful design with just the appropriate number of images and animations.

website of family law


6. Melanie J Bowbell

为什么有效:一个适合家庭律师的现代网站. The contact information is easily identifiable while the contact form is comprehensive.


7. Bishop Law Offices

Why it works: High-quality images especially on the hero section makes a strong first impression on visitors. 特别喜欢的感言部分看起来现代和圆滑.

family law websites


best family law sites

8. Cynthia Tracy

Why it works: The subtle use of pattern and color makes this a timeless design. 它有一个有趣的外观,明亮的图形和清晰的按钮. The site’s inclusion of a distinctive “old paper” texture on several areas provides guests with a memorable experience.


9. Heather Robertson Law

Why it works: When compared to standard or common family law website designs, 这个网站让人耳目一新. 设计的整体气氛是极其振奋人心的, welcoming, 在保持权威态度的同时也很愉快.

family law sites


10. The Mandel Law Firm

Why it works: The rolling news update is an engaging method to keep visitors up to date on your site. 即时聊天功能. 有一个解释很好的练习区域部分. 有视频推荐是一个巨大的好处!


11. Modern Law

Why it works: The design above-the-fold is very strong and very pronounced. 特别喜欢在页底的那句“美狮贵宾会能帮什么忙”. 页脚也准备了最有帮助的信息.

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12. Kraayeveld

为什么有效:清晰的图像, clear texts, intuitive layout—these are just some of the things we particularly love about this website design.


family law sites

13. Myres & Associates

Why it works: Very prominent green header with the burgundy button that stands out. There is a lot of information, but it’s presented in a way that isn’t too pushy.

family law sites


14. Rossway Swan

为什么有效:最少但有效. The graphics are also tuned down to a minimum without losing the message. 实践区域页面是非常有组织和全面的.


15. Ylaw Group

Why it works: Talk about out-of-the-box design with extraordinary choices on images and taglines. 网站紧凑而不失质量.


16. Vaught Law Firm

成功理由:最优雅的律师事务所网站之一, 极好的强调排版和干净的设计. 使用高质量的专业照片.

law websites


17. Thiessen Law Firm

Why it works: The firm’s authority is quickly established at first glance. 字体的选择也给这个网站设计留下了深刻的印象.



18. Dean & Fulkerson

为什么有效:网站使用简单. Excellent photographs are used throughout the site, particularly on the home page. 直接在上面展示奖项会让你产生信任.

law websites


19. The Family Law Firm

有效原因:强大的品牌效应. The hero image is very relevant with buttons and CTAs that are well-distributed across the page.


20. The Lincoln Law Firm

Why it works: This  family law website has great taglines with just the right graphics that pique interest. 接触表单区域设计良好,使用简单.


21. Riddle & Hanna

Why it works: The simplicity and effectiveness of this family law website is fantastic. This website’s design is a good landmark since it demonstrates minimalism while still being attractive.

law site


22. FMBK

Why it works: The header is appealing, and the emphasis on their brand is clear. 视差滚动设计是独特和有用的. Excellent use of black-and-white images with colorful profile pictures for a nice turn of contrast.


family law websites

23. Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group

Why it works: One can quickly gauge the firm’s authority just by looking above the fold. 喜欢图形,排版和图像. Moreover, the choice of a slate color against a bright yellow accent is a smart move.


24. Eiges & Orgel Law Offices

Why it works: Exceptional graphics and typography with a very cohesive branding and layout. The contact form below the page is a standout for its quality aesthetics.


25. Regev Law

Why it works: Regev Law’s website is a great take on a classical design but with a modern feel and lasting impact. This law website stands out thanks to its excellent photos and elegant typefaces.


26. McClure Law Group

为什么有效:一个使用杂志风格布局的华丽网页设计. Bright colors, the red accents, and the subtle animations make this website deserving of praise.


27. LA Family Law

为什么有效:上面的折叠,美狮贵宾会有一个快速的联系形式. The offerings are well structured and the site is not clogged with information.



28. The Harris Law Firm

为什么有效:使用真正定制的视觉效果, fresh imagery, and a strong structure, 这是现代律师事务所网站的独特之处.


29. 莱文家庭法律集团

成功理由:这种设计的简单令人惊叹! The website’s design appeared to be geared towards women rather than the other, 但设计的氛围传达的是宁静和平静.


30. Cedeno Law Group

Why it works: It has a conventional look, yet it has a powerful memorable impact. With the option to translate to Spanish, buttons and CTAs are bright and eye-catching.

family law websites


31. Morris-Sockle

为什么有效:生动的现代色调立即带来现场的生活. 按钮之间的对比很明显,很容易找到. The large bright phone number on a sticky header with a ‘free divorce advice’ attracts attention.


32. Randal Lowry

为什么有效:这个网站设计, 强调“tough ?,为典型的律师事务所网站提供了一个全新的外观. 图形和颜色可以很好地互补.


best family law sites

33. Hendershot Cowart P.C.

为什么有效:亨德尔肖特.C. 英雄部分有一个朗朗上口的视频背景. Cool hover effects on buttons and subtle animations on scroll brings the sections to life.

law websites


34. Maclean Law

为什么有效:列表中最现代的网站设计之一, Maclean的网页设计是简单的和谐结合, elegance, authority, and branding.


35. Bouhan Falligant

Why it works: The unconventional layout together with the cool graphics and animations makes this law website standout. 颜色有很大的对比,使文本容易阅读.

family law site


36. Chorowski Clary

Why it works: Tidy, minimal, and bright—three words that best describe this very elegant website. If you’re looking for a simple website for your firm, this is a very good way to start.


37. Hance Law Group

Why it works: The hero section is fascinating, especially the background video in a grid pattern. 悬停效果非常酷. 总的来说,这个网站有很多类.



38. Romanovska Law

Why it works: The colors of the website felt calm and airy without being dull. This family law website showed their accolades and affiliations off to best advantage.

law websites


39. Laura Dale & Associates

为什么有效:金色增加了品牌的权威和存在感. 总的来说,这个网站给人的印象是专业的.


40. Jones Divorce & Family Law

为什么有效:明亮干净的设计,不会让人觉得难以承受. 它能培养一种信任感和乐观主义. 简单而有效的布局.

family law websites



你的网站是你拥有的最重要的营销工具之一. It’s your introduction to customers and provides them with the information they need to decide whether or not they want to hire you. So, it should be clear, easy-to-navigate, high quality, mobile responsive, 视觉吸引力和良好的设计转换优化.

If you’re looking for help with your website design project, you’re in the right place. We will design a custom mockup of your new website before you sign or pay for anything. 不需要签署任何东西,也不需要获取任何付款信息. 如果你喜欢美狮贵宾会为你的 family law websites 美狮贵宾会可以一起向前迈进. 如果没有,也没有什么不好的感觉,也没有其他的义务. 点击下面的按钮了解更多信息.