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Best Events Websites

Event websites are a hot topic in the world of business marketing right now, and for good reason. Event websites can help you generate leads and create a buzz in the world before your event even takes place! Event website design styles have changed drastically over the past few years, with many companies opting to go live and showcase on social media sites like Facebook instead.

Event planners need to know which style is best for the community to get started. 在这篇博客文章中,美狮贵宾会将看看40种不同的 best event websites 从简单时尚到华丽创意应有尽有!

1. Eventbrite

为什么有效:这个活动网站很干净, modern, beautiful, 尽管外观极简,但它的审美却很有品味. The generous use of white space provided the site with an extra professional look.

Eventbrite website

2. SFTravel

为什么有效:一个色彩鲜明、充满活力的活动场所, 正确选择字体, 激发兴趣和参与的图片比比皆是.

3. Shiloh Events

Why it works: The Shiloh Events website has a modern and elegant aesthetic with clear branding. The clean design of this website is easy to navigate or browse and provides all the information for visitors.

Event Websites

4. Live Worx

为什么有效:另一方面,Live Worx的网站有很大的不同. 这个黑暗而优雅的活动现场有一个微妙的感人的英雄背景. 该网站还使用了超现代动画和其他功能, 因此,它是这个列表的绝佳选择.

Events Websites

5. Dreamforce

Why it works: Fun, dynamic, active, 美狮贵宾会可以用一些词来形容这个网站. We also appreciate how the simple layout was created while still keeping things in the right place.

Best Event Websites

6. Fathom

Why it works: Fathom’s event website is brimming with amazing photographs and videos of their events. 这个伟大的活动现场充满了乐趣和兴奋, 对于那些想要留下持久印象的人来说,这是完美的.

7. Inbound 2021

Why it works: The website’s aesthetic is based primarily on attractive personal photos that go well with their mission and branding.

8. Summit

Why it works: This event website uses big, easy-to-read typefaces with bursts of bright color. 在网格样式的设计中很容易找到方向.

9. Epicurrence

Why it works: Epicurrence’s dark-themed website effectively highlights the beauty of its work. 排版使用得很少,但效果很好, and the use of a custom font reinforces the unique identity of this event website.

Best Event Websites

Best Events sites

10. Coachella

为什么有效:美狮贵宾会喜欢这个网站的清洁,这一点. We appreciate how neatly this event website is designed and how simple and compact it is. 高质量照片的数量也是另一个卖点.

Event Websites

11. SXSW

成功理由:SXSW的网站是榜单上最简洁的网站之一. 白色的空间在视觉上是令人愉悦的. Even though they offer a lot of material, they were able to make the design appear sleek and minimal.

12. Webby Awards

Why it works: What we like about this event website design is the gorgeous mix of greyscale tones with just the right splashes of mint green across the homepage. 内页很有创意、互动性和娱乐性.

Best Event Websites

13. Motley Crowd

Why it works: The use of animated graphics and videos distinguishes Motley Crowd from any other best event website designs, making it unique. 他们还包括一个鼠标效应互动,以帮助它保持兴奋.

Event Websites

14. Make Me Pulse

Why it works: The site’s distinctiveness comes from how it incorporates and balances the use of large images, big headers, and cartoony characters.

Event Websites - study/les embiez - 2021

Top Events Websites

15. No-Code Conf 2021

Why it works: One-of-a-kind custom web design with flowing shapes and interesting graphics. We love the amount of art put on the website as a whole, all without the expense of usability.

Best Event Websites

16. 赛罗斯国际电影节

Why it works: The diverse photos and films on this website will entice visitors to scroll through to the rest of the site. The layout is simple and easy to navigate with a large focus on visuals that tell a story.

17. Black Arts & Ideas

Why it works: What we love about the design of this event website is the artistic use of images and line drawings to create a brand new experience for everyone. It also didn’t feel dry or uneasy because of the amazing colorful art from top to bottom.

18. Bounce Pingpong

成功理由:一个非常时髦和有趣的活动网站. The use of the animation and video on the hero section brings life to the site.

19. Design Summit 2021

Why it works: We love this great event website because of the use of festival colors against the dark background. Simple yet engaging.

Event Websites


20. Complex Land

Why it works: The site has a modern layout and style with just the right amount of text and images. 英雄部分的视频并没有压倒网站的其他部分. 整体气氛平静而又充满活力.

21. SXSW 2021

为什么有效:这是一个很好的黑色主题网站设计. 绝佳的黑白搭配橘色.

Best Event Websites

22. 拉瓦尔戏剧节

Why it works: 拉瓦尔戏剧节 has a dark aesthetic that not only has high-quality images and graphics, 但也有大而响亮的字体,吸引游客的注意力.

23. Passation Synerghetic

为什么有效:它是独一无二的. 它没有卷轴,但它提供了许多互动. The advantage is that you may navigate a 3D boat with complete control and easy navigation to see all the concealed pieces of information.

Event Websites

24. Life in Vogue

Why it works: This great event website has an interactive and immersive quality that makes it feel like a complete entertainment and festival experience. You’ll be transported to a whole new world when you go through their creative site.

Best Events Sites

25. Tecate Pal Norte

Why it works: A decent mixture of aesthetics, functionality, contrast, and simplicity of use. 这个好的活动网站非常专业.

Best Event Websites

26. Euro Vision

Why it works: A decent mixture of aesthetics, functionality, contrast, and simplicity of use. 这个好的活动网站非常专业.

27. Unleash 22

为什么有效:吸引客户和潜在客户, 外联部门为与会者提供了一种“保存日期”的活动页面. 简单,丰富多彩,为即将到来的一切创造了令人兴奋的节日感觉.

28. Vanity Fair

为什么有效:用柔和的调色板, unique fonts, and a minimal look, 这个网站看起来更像一张海报,而不是一个活动页面. 这给了它一种高端、专属的感觉.

Event Websites

29. Snowflake Summit

有效原因:即时品牌推广. 美狮贵宾会喜欢把2022年的CTA放在正前方. The website overall is beautiful and easy to navigate, with a modern look and feel.

Events Websites to love

30. Grow

为什么有效:简单的顶部导航, a clear call to action, and the front-and-center brand made this an effective event website for the company.

31. Circles Conference

适用理由:对于还有一年多时间的活动体验来说, this event website goes out of its way to get potential community attendees excited.

32. Branchout

Why it works: Not all event websites need to be flashy with impressive graphics. Branchout uses a simple and clean design to resonate with the target audience and align with the event vision.

Best Event Websites

33. Google Events

Why it works: Big bold graphics, super large font size, focused on quality over quantity. This event website is perfect for a company that wants to put on a large-scale, 令人印象深刻的创意活动.

34. Insurection

为什么有效:充满活力的黄色旗帜, 比如网站上使用的各种颜色和形状, is entertaining.


35. Vorstadt

为什么工作:美狮贵宾会崇拜如何这个网站是简单和美丽的. 极简主义是最好的! 它有一个非常经典的感觉与优雅的布局和有品位的排版.

36. All Together Now

为什么有效:这是一个快乐有趣的网站. The web designer used colors and designs that blend well with the company’s branding.

37. Desertscene

Why it works: Short, simple, but delivers the right message and does it very well. 英雄区域的英雄背景使整个网站变得生动起来.

Best Event Websites

38. Elements

成功理由:这个音乐和艺术活动的网站既有趣又创新. Elements的网站以统一的美学为特色,非常吸引人.

39. Newport Folk

Why it works: Grid-style home page is easy to navigate and looks great on mobile. 形象处理是有凝聚力的,品牌上的.

40. Reactor

为什么有效:反应器的网站适合它的任务. The space-themed website demonstrates that these youngsters’ horizons are limitless.

Best Event Websites


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